But i forgot to say ‘I love you’

 Love has a amazing way to make me feel so  vulnerable. Achingly vulnerable. When you love like I  have loved…. Once you have loved like that ….once you have felt that kind of passion ….. it is impossible to remain the same again. Someone who makes you realise your life is too short for this kind of love. And you might want to forget and move on….but how can you forget someone who lives beneath your skin, who courses through your veins, who sucks into your marrow. How do you move on? You simply don’t. You relish the pain like it was some healing potion. You are grateful for the ache as it tells you are still not numb to loss. You are grateful for having loved….even once like that. Yes, some loves are there to last eternally. Some loves just don’t leave. They become part of your being…. they become you!I will tell you that it’s ok.


That’s even if it’s devastating and it’s scary. I am happy I got to experience you. And you got me to experience me.


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